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First LetterInventorInvention, Country
AFm Radio, USA
BPetro-Powered Automobile, Germany
CAqualung/Underwater Camera, France
DBagless Vacuum, UK
EHigh-Pressure Steam Engine, USA
FNuclear Reactor, Italy
GMachine Gun, USA
HElectromagnetic Radiation, Germany
IRocket Powered Fighter Aircraft, Russia
JZipper, USA
KAK-47, Russia
LRadiocarbon Dating, USA
MPneumatic Tire, France
First LetterInventorInvention, Country
NBasketball, USA/Canada
OAtomic Bomb, USA
PMulti-track Recording, USA
QNutcracker, USA
RElectric Guitar, Sweden
SModern Helicoptor, Russia
TAirplane Engine, USA
UAlkaline Battery, Canada
VBattery, Italy
WPersonal Computer, USA
YPin Tumbler Lock, USA
ZRigid Airship, Germany

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