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Can you name the words, names, or phrases beginning with 'cat'?

Updated Apr 10, 2014

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Person providing food for a party
Chemical species with a + charge
Whiskered aquatic creature
Major disaster
Engine attachment that reduces toxic emissions
Joseph Heller novel about army bombardier Yossarian
Tennessee Williams play that won the 1955 Pulitzer for Drama
Twin-hulled boat
Ballista or trebuchet
J. Crew mailing
Kurt Vonnegut novel in which 'ice-nine' freezes all the world's oceans
Network of tombs and tunnels beneath Rome
Cartoonist Guisewite, or her long-running comic strip
Region of Spain including Barcelona
Basis of most TVs before plasmas
Tree with heart-shaped leaves and white flowers
'Moon Shadow' singer
Diagonally; askew; out of whack
Diagonally opposite
Cord whip with multiple lashes
Utmost ethical responsibility, per Immanuel Kant
Large waterfall; eye condition
Western for which Lee Marvin won an Oscar
Emotional cleansing derived from drama, per Aristotle
Instructional summary of Christian doctrine
Dumbstruck; unresponsive
Advantageous position, metaphorically
63 BC conspiracy to overthrow the Roman Republic
Slogan associated with a particular person
Mathematical curve formed by a hanging chain
Larval form of a butterfly
Flexible tube used to remove fluid from the body, especially urine
Roman poet who loved Lesbia
Shrill howling or wailing sound
Centuries-long Gothic architecture project
Board game island for Settlers, Seafarers, Cities and Knights, etc.
Another word for a cougar/panther/puma; a University of Vermont athlete
Mountain range of southern New York
Sound made by a heckler

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