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Corporate takeover in which large amounts of debt are taken on by the acquirer
Protagonist of Edith Wharton's 'The House of Mirth'
Final book in C.S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia
1987 biopic about Ritchie Valens
Fictional sleuth nicknamed 'Encyclopedia'
English translation of 'Choephoroi', the second play in Aeschylus's Oresteia trilogy
Itinerant NBA coach, or Super Bowl XXX MVP (two guys, same name)
Protagonist of James Joyce's 'Ulysses'
Legume named for Peru's capital
First Jewish U.S. Supreme Court justice
2002 bestselling novel by Alice Sebold
'The Godfather' character who 'sleeps with the fishes'
Botanist and horticulturist who created the russet potato
Stand-up comic whose 1964 obscenity conviction was posthumously overturned
Host of Comedy Central's 'Root of All Evil'
Most populous city in California whose name is not derived from Spanish
ChapStick or Vaseline
Expensive seating area in a stadium
Puccini opera on which the musical 'Rent' was based
Communication difficulty encountered by people with no common tongue
John Philip Sousa march, or Philadelphia landmark
1968 film featuring a VW beetle named Herbie
Composer of the Eroica, Pastoral, and Choral Symphonies
Dish with steak usually cut into thin strips, named for a city
7-time Pro Bowl linebacker for the Chicago Bears
Oxymoronically-named battle at which George Custer was killed
Literally, a hit below the belt; metaphorically, any unfair attack
1887 utopian sci-fi novel by Edward Bellamy
Symbol used in comics to indicate that a character has an idea
Soviet premier, 1964-82
Left back for Everton F.C. and the English national team
Ancient Minoan script deciphered by Michael Ventris
Area of Paris known for artists, writers, and philosophers, called 'la Rive Gauche' in French
Common sport fish of the southeastern U.S., named for its prominent underbite
Massachusetts woman acquitted of axe murder in 1892
Metal band fronted by Fred Durst
Comedienne who co-founded Desilu Productions
Cardinals outfielder who broke Ty Cobb's stolen base record
Illegitimate daughter of Pope Alexander VI who was the subject of a Donizetti opera
World's oldest, deepest, and largest (by volume) freshwater body of water
Sport similar to bocce or p├ętanque
Someone who takes a long time to become successful
Part of the government detailed in Article I of the U.S. Constitution
Actor who played Mr. Potter in 'It's a Wonderful Life'
Best-selling Canadian beer with a colorful name
Ray of highly coherent light
Influential rock critic who wrote for Rolling Stone and Creem
Chemical species that can donate an electron pair
Composer of 'Candide' and 'West Side Story'
Former First Lady of the U.S.

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