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DescriptionAlbum NameBand
Labor workers moving pictures under an arch.
A man holding up a lightning bolt.
The band's name written in place of Holllywood.
A flying jet.
Satan being controlled by a skeleton-like creature.
Baby Cupid with a pack of cigarettes.
A man about to walk of a cliff and about 10 people watching behind him.
An exploding blimp.
Two broken, animated light bulbs.
A naked woman with the band members resting on her breasts.
DescriptionAlbum NameBand
A naked baby swimming after a dollar bill.
Graffiti on a wall that is shaped like a man.
A dead insect on a dirty window.
A man laying in a pile of mud.
Two sisters hugging each other.
A bloody hand holding up a heart-shaped grenade.
Four men done peeing on an outhouse.
The most popular people of the century.
Four Nerds in front of a blue background.
A few UFO's, including one up close using a tractor beam on a small planet.

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