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AlbumsMusician(s)Year formed
Faust, Outside the Dream Syndicate
UFO, Hinten, Guru Guru
Musik von Harmonia, Deluxe
Cluster, Zuckerzeit, Sowiesoso
Ralf un Florian, Autobahn, Radio-Activity
Neu!, Neu! 75
Klopfzeichen, Zwei-Osterei
AlbumsMusician(s)Year formed
Ash Ra Tempel, Swingungen, New age of Earth
Monster Movie, Tago Mago, Ege Bamyasi
Psychedelic Underground, Paradieswärtz Düül
Phallus Dei, Yeti, Wolf City
Affenstunde, Hosianna Mantra, Couer de Verre
Electronic Meditation, Atem, Phaedra

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