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My name is Shirley
What can you do with my nipples?
Don't give them your lives or freedom
You can't do these things, Ahab
Why couldn't it have been spiders?
Two questions: Are you lucky? And are you a punk?
There's a dead person.
To the Horizon!
Frank, I don't care!
You're the dog now, man!
No, it wasn't the movie Airplane. It was Beauty and the Beast
Movie MisquoteMovieActual Quote
We're not understanding each other here.
Roads? Where I'm from, they don't have roads.
Do these stairs go up?
I wish I liked bubbles.
This is my walking space!
We're going to eat the same thing.
Unhand me, you baboon!
We're on top of the world!
Excuse me sir, was that directed at me?
How dare you cry!

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