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Mad Men StarPig Meat
All time recieving yards leader NFLGrain
Footloose StarCan Be Applewood, Peppercorn
Marvin Lee AdaySome eat it with ketchup, Homer Simpson loves the end piece
Stand By Me starhighly nutritious grass
Swordfish actressBlue, cran, are examples
Morpheus in 'The Matrix'Salmon, Tuna, Cod, are examples
Some Like it Hot StarSour fruit
NSYNC 'star'Billy Bigmouth, for example
Marshall MathersMelts in your mouth, not in your hand
Was Pennywise the dancing clownPowder used in Indian Cuisine
Star of the Hitcher remakeRed, Kidney, Lima, Green
Steroid Enthusiast, Former Comedianroot vegetable, orange in color
Cocaine Enthusiast, Former Baseball playerTasty if dipped in chocolate or whipped cream
Former Carolina Panthers Defensive endRed, yellow, green, bell are all varieties
Canadian Hockey AnnouncerRed fruit, usually top sundaes
Robert Matthew Van Winkle, former rapperPopular Flavouring, or frozen water
Jan from the brady bunchPurple fruit
Singer of 'Criminal'Very popular fruit, can be used as juice and pie
Former Edmonton Oilers DefencemanMorning drink, can be decaffeinated or caffeinated

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