Arrested Development: Gob's suit

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Can you name the different costs of Gob's suit? (AD)?

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Worst that can happen is I could spill some on my ____ suit. COME ON!
The guy who's dirty dancing with his neice is going to tell the guy in the ____ suit how to run the business...come on.
The guy in the _____ suit is holding the elevator for the guy who doesn't make that in three months. COME ON!
Why don't I just take a whizz throw this _____ suit? Come on!
No Al. I wanna spill booze all over this f***ing _____ suit. COME ON
______ you better believe I love them. I mean, look at what you're wearing. You look like crap!
I don't want those kids getting their sticky hands all over these ____ pants.

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