Chronology of Major WWII Events

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Start of final battle at El Alamein
Germans commence Operation TYPHOON aimed at Moscow
British forces being evacuating Greece
Start of V-1 bombardment against England
Strategic air offensive against Japan begins
France signs armistice with Germany
Siege of Leningrad ends
Placentia Bay conference: Atlantic Charter by FDR, Churchill
Hitler assassination attempt fails
Peru invades Ecuador
Germany invades USSR (BARBAROSSA)
First V-2 rocket raids against Britain start
Prince of Wales sunk off Malaysia; Japan invade Philippines
Japanese assets in US frozen, blocking all shipments including oil
Germany launches Fall Gelb, the offensive in the West
Tehran conference of Big 3 starts
D-Day: Operation OVERLORD into Normandy
Germany invades Poland
Finnish-Soviet war ends
Soviet and US troops meet at Torgau
Hitler postpones Operation SEALION indefinitely
Yalta conference between Big 3 starts
Germans launch Battle of the Bulge
Battle of Midway
US troops land on Guadalcanal
Axis forces capitulate in N. Africa
VE Day: German unconditional surrender
Operation TORCH beings: allied landing in northwest Africa
German forces capitulate at Stalingrad
Bretton Woods conference starts
Operation MARKET GARDEN launched
USSR declares war on Japan, invades Manchukuo
Eighth USAAF mounts its first rain on Germany
Churchill defeated in British elections; Attlee becomes PM
USSR invades Poland
Italy declares war on Japan
Red Army takes Warsaw
Germany, Italy declare war on USA
Mac Arthur returns to Philippines
Hitler commits suicide
Tobruk falls to Rommel
Dunkirk evacuation starts
Tank battle of Kursk begins
U-boats withdrawn from North Atlantic
Germany invades Norway and Denmark
German airborne forces land on Crete
Dumbarton Oaks Conference starts
Mussolini shot by partisans
US forces land on Iwo Jima
US forces land on Okinawa
Air raid on Dresden
Battle of Britain begins
FDR dies; Truman becomes President
Red Army takes Berlin
Red Army counter-offensive in front of Moscow starts
Italy surrenders; Germans occupy two-thirds of Italian territory
Hong Kong falls to Japanese
Potsdam conference begins
Casablanca conference
Hirohito announces Japan's unconditional surrender
Mussolini deposed, arrested
Finnish-Soviet war starts
San Francisco conference starts, launching United Nations Org
Pearl Harbor
Battle fo the Coral Sea starts
Internment of Japanese-Americans begins on US West Coast
Germans launch offensive BLUE into Soviet Caucasus
Tripartite Pact between Germany, Italy, Japan
Alamogordo Trinity test
US forces land on Tarawa
Italy invades Greece
Battle of Leyte Gulf begins
Churchill becomes PM of Britain
First controlled nuclear chain reaction started in Chicago
Haiti declares war on Bulgaria
Rommel arrives in libya
Warsaw Uprising crushed by Germans while Red Army stands by
Doolittle raid on Tokyo
UN Declaration signed by China, UK, USA, USSR
First RAF thousand-bomber raid on Germany
Allied invasion of Sicily
Quebec conference starts
US Third Army crosses Rhine at Remagen

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