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Occurs when natural or human induced processes decrease the future ability of land to support crops, livestock etc.
the movement of soil components
Causes most soil erosion
top layer of soil
What does FAO stand for?
This act established a strategy for reducing soil erosion
What does USDA stand for?
The productive potential of arid or semiarid land falls by 10%
Accumulation of salt in soil layers
When water accumulates underground and destroys crops due to innadequate draining
Involves using ways to reduce soil erosion
When farmers plow the land and then break up and smooth the soil to make a planting surface
Involves plowing and planting crops in rows across the slope of the land
Involves planting alternating strips of a row crop and another crop that completely covers the soil
Crops planted to reduce erosion
Crops are planted along rows of trees
Another name for alley cropping
Reduces soil erosion on steep slopes by converting the land into a series of terraces that run across the land contour
The goal with this type of farming is to disturb as little soil as possible

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