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What creature is the symbol of Twitter?
What does .com mean?
Which UK airport has the code LHR?
With 206 million users in 2012, which line was the busiest on the London Underground?
Ulrika Johnson, John Fashanu and Jeremy Guskott presented which UK TV Game Show?
Yaris and Solero are types of what car?
Haricot and Butter are types of what?
The Maldives is in which ocean?
Which chemical has the symbol H in the periodic table
What is the rhyming slang for Joanna?
Miso Soup is from which country
TC was the nickname of which cartoon character
Tallinn is the Capital of Which ex-Russian State?
Which fashion designer designed the British Olympic Kit?
Demerara and Caster are types of what?
A Milliner would make what item of clothing?
Which Team won the 2013 SuperBowl?
In what sport do people compete for the Davis Cup?
Which is the name of a light perfume that shares its name with a German town?
Which Country is the Popular Dessert Tira misu originally from?
What is the currency in Egypt?
What is the currency in Monaco? The Franc or The Euro?

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