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Can you name the films Walt Disney won Oscars for?

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categoryfilm titledescription
animated shortSilly Symphony, 1st technicolor cartoon
animated shortSilly Symphony, spawned a popular song
animated shortSilly Symphony, may have inspired Bugs Bunny's design
animated shortSilly Symphony, lost their mittens?
animated shortSilly Symphony, based on Aesop
animated shortSilly Symphony, debuted mulit-plane camera
animated shortbased on popular picture book
animated shortSilly Symphony, based on Hans Christian Anderson
animated shortMickey Mouse and Pluto, a remake involving a kitten
animated shortDonald Duck in Nutziland
animated shorthistory of music, 1st Cinemascope cartoon
animated shortposthumous, Winnie the Pooh
documentary shortTrue-Life Adventure, seals
categoryfilm titledescription
documentary shortTrue-Life Adventure, beavers
documentary shortTrue-Life Adventure, insects, birds, flowers
documentary shortTrue-Life Adventure, birds living by water
documentary shortalaskan eskimo (that's a total giveaway)
documentary shortTrue-Life Adventure, bears
documentary shortmen in the arctic
documentary shortnatural landmark and classical music; released with Sleeping Beauty
documentary featurefirst True-Life Adventure feature
documentary featureTrue-Life Adventure
Special Awardfor creation of this iconic character
Special Awardone normal Oscar, with seven little ones
Special Awardfor the creation of 'Fantasound', a precursor to modern surround sound

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