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A jock helps a nerdy girl become a prom queen and later helps Tom Hanks sign her to the Wonders
A tired Princess befriends a talking teapot
A sherriff hunts down an serial killer in the desert then protects Earth from a giant cocroach
An ant leads a revolt against the oppressive grasshoppers then helps Josh Duhamel and Katherine Heigel raise a baby
A group of teens are hunted down after a hit and run while watching Freddie Prince Jr. play baseball in Cape Cod
A lonely man flys around firing people and trains a dog to play basketball
Inigo Montoya says 'You killed my father…Prepare to die' then helps Kate Hudson ruin Anne Hathaways wedding
A boxer becomes a champion at all costs and ends up playing in the Minor Leagues with Crash Davis
A real estate lawyer starts a fraternity then plays in the Battle of the Bands with his fifth grade class
Woody Harrelson and three teenagers fight through the undead to find small dinosaurs name Little Foot, Sarah, and Ducky
A group of three uncool teenagers get alcohol for a party then help Billy Bob Thorton steal from a mall on Christmas

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