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ClueBand Name
My next door neighbor's next door neighbor's next door neighbor lives here.
The amount of time it takes light to reach the fourth planet.
A social activity involving a heavy ball and some wooden pins, in support of a water-based meal that often contains vegetables and meats.
A large bison-like animal, followed by Homer Simpson's place of residence.
When tallying the number of blackbirds on a fence, you may be doing this.
A priest's oratory, located just below your windshield.
A pentacle of men devoted to war.
People waging war on whom Mr. T pities.
A man with an extra digit would name it this.
A man who collects firearms and a woman who collects flowers may have these in their household.
An 18th century torture device, consisting of a cabinet lined with sharp spikes.
ClueBand Name
A large stretch of public land named after the President who freed the slaves.
A large blimp made of a rather dense material.
A container of firestarters, followed by the atomic number of calcium.
Paying for a 20 cent object with a quarter will get you this.
Monks and Yogis alike attempt to gain this elusive state.
A welcome sight in the middle of a dry desert.
A jelly-like substance made from the riches of oysters.
A Halloween hater might find this enjoyable.
If you have an assignment due Monday, but have the deadline extended to Thursday, you have been given this.
An unfortunate person who has a noticeable pelvic bone.

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