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This king was famously executed during the French revolution.
This famous house and its offshoots ruled the Holy Roman Empire, Spain, and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
This Swedish king came to fame during the 30 Years War, often being called the 'Lion of the North' for his military prowess on the side of the Protestants.
The sixth king of Babylon, he is famous for creating a code of laws that bears his name.
He was the 5th king of Uruk, reigning around 2500BCE. He also has a famous epic about him.
The British war of the Roses was fought between York and which other house?
This king was the last British monarch to die in battle.
This king is the only one to abdicate the British throne.
This King of Macedon is often overshadowed by his son Alexander the Great. However, during his time he greatly expanded the territory of Macedon until he was assassinated in 336 BC
He was the first king of Rome according to legend, killing his brother to take sole control of the city.

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