Batman Movies: The Villains

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Can you name the The Villains in the Batman Movies?

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Cesar Romero: Batman (1966)
Burgess Meredith: Batman (1966)
Frank Gorshin: Batman (1966)
Lee Meriwether: Batman (1966)
Jack Nicholson: Batman
Jack Palance: Batman
Danny DeVito: Batman Returns
Michelle Pfeiffer: Batman Returns
Christopher Walken: Batman Returns
Tommy Lee Jones: Batman Forever
Jim Carrey: Batman Forever
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Batman and Robin
Uma Thurman: Batman and Robin
Robert 'Jeep' Swenson/Michael Reid MacKay: Batman and Robin
John Glover: Batman and Robin
Liam Neeson/Josh Pence: The Dark Knight Trilogy
Cillian Murphy: The Dark Knight Trilogy
Tom Wilkinson: The Dark Knight Trilogy
Heath Ledger: The Dark Knight Trilogy
Aaron Eckhart: The Dark Knight Trilogy
Eric Roberts: The Dark Knight Trilogy
Anne Hathaway: The Dark Knight Trilogy
Tom Hardy: The Dark Knight Trilogy
Marion Cotillard: The Dark Knight Rises

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