Batman Movies: The Heroes

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Can you name the The Heroes/good guys in the Batman movies?

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Adam West: Batman (1966)
Burt Ward: Batman (1966)
Alan Napier: Batman (1966)
Neil Hamilton: Batman (1966)
Stafford Repp: Batman (1966)
Madge Blake: Batman (1966)
Reginald Denny: Batman (1966)
Michael Keaton: Batman, Batman Returns
Michael Gough: Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Batman and Robin
Kim Basinger: Batman
Pat Hingle: Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Batman and Robin
Robert Wuhl: Batman
Billy Dee Williams: Batman
Michelle Pfeiffer: Batman Returns
Val Kilmer: Batman Forever
Chris O'Donnell: Batman Forever, Batman and Robin
Nicole Kidman: Batman Forever
George Clooney: Batman and Robin
Alicia Silverstone: Batman and Robin
Elle Macpherson: Batman and Robin
Christian Bale: The Dark Knight Trilogy
Michael Caine: The Dark Knight Trilogy
Morgan Freeman: The Dark Knight Trilogy
Katie Holmes/Maggie Gyllenhaal: The Dark Knight Trilogy
Gary Oldman: The Dark Knight Trilogy
Aaron Eckhart: The Dark Knight Trilogy
Anne Hathaway: The Dark Knight Trilogy
Joseph Gordon-Levitt: The Dark Knight Trilogy
Matthew Modine: The Dark Knight Trilogy

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