Viceroys of India

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YearsViceroyAppointed by
1858-1862Earl of Derby
1862-1863Viscount Palmerston
1864-1869Viscount Palmerston
1869-1872Benjamin Disraeli
1872-1876William Gladstone
1876-1880Benjamin Disraeli
1880-1884William Gladstone
1884-1888William Gladstone
1888-1894Marquess of Salisbury
1894-1899Earl of Rosebery
YearsViceroyAppointed by
1899-1905Marquess of Salisbury
1905-1910Arthur Balfour
1910-1916H. H. Asquith
1916-1921H. H. Asquith
1921-1926David Lloyd George
1926-1931Stanley Baldwin
1931-1936Ramsay MacDonald
1936-1943Stanley Baldwin
1943-1947Winston Churchill
1947Clement Attlee

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