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1.New York, NY
2.Washington, DC
3.Washington, DC
4.Washington, DC
5.San Francisco, CA
6.Washington, DC
7.Washington, DC
8.Asheville, NC
9.New York, NY
10.Washington, DC
11.New York, NY
12.Washington, DC
13.New York, NY
14.St. Louis, MO
15.Washington, DC
16.New York, NY
17.New York, NY
18.San Diego, CA
19.New York, NY*
20.New York, NY
21.Philadelphia, PA
22.Las Vegas, NV
23.New York, NY
24.Philadelphia, PA
25.Boston, MA
26.Yosemite Valley, CA
27.Charlottesville, VA
28.Washington, DC
29.Mill Run, PA
30.Spring Green, WI
31.Chicago, IL
32.Philadelphia, PA
33.New York, NY
34.Washington, DC
35.Pittsburgh, PA
36.Yellowstone National Park, WY
37.Washington, DC
38.Chicago, IL
39.Miami Beach, FL
40.St. Louis, MO
41.San Simeon, CA
42.Chicago, IL
43.Quincy, MA
44.New York, NY
45.Cincinnati, OH
46.New York, NY
47.New York, NY
48.New York, NY
49.San Francisco, CA
50.Richmond, VA
51.Colorado Springs, CO
52.Chicago, IL
53.New York, NY
54.Philadelphia, PA
55.Kohala Coast, HI
56.New York, NY
57.Denver, CO
58.North Easton, MA
59.Milwaukee, WI
60.Eureka Springs, AR
61.San Francisco, CA
62.Chicago, IL
63.Washington, DC
64.Boston, MA
65.Garden Grove, CA
66.Pasadena, CA
67.Lincoln, NE
68.New York, NY
69.Salt Lake City, UT
70.Lake Buena Vista, FL
71.New York, NY
72.New York, NY
73.Chicago, IL
74.New York, NY
75.Los Angeles, CA
76.Washington, DC
77.Cambridge, MA
78.Colorado Springs, CO
79.Washington, DC
80.Exeter, NH
81.New York, NY
82.Chicago, IL
83.Chicago, IL
84.New York, NY*
85.Chicago, IL
86.New York, NY
87.New York, NY
88.Chicago, IL
89.San Francisco, CA
90.Boston, MA
91.Los Angeles, CA
92.Austin, TX
93.Miami Beach, FL
94.Ann Arbor, MI
95.Los Angeles, CA
96.Atlanta, GA
97.Central Islip, NY
98.Louisville, KY
99.Los Angeles, CA
100.New York, NY
101.Cincinnati, OH
102.Chicago, IL
103.Atlanta, GA
104.San Francisco, CA
105.New York, NY
106.Washington, DC
107.Minneapolis, MN
108.Seattle, WA
109.San Francisco, CA
110.Chicago, IL
111.New York, NY
112.Washington, DC
113.Boston, MA
114.Springfield, IL
115.New York, NY
116.New Harmony, IN
117.Minneapolis, MN
118.Dallas, TX
119.Phoenix, AZ
120.Los Angeles, CA
121.San Francisco, CA
122.Baltimore, MD
123.Scottsdale, AZ
124.Washington, DC
125.New York, NY
126.San Francisco, CA
127.Kansas City, MO
128.Chicago, IL
129.Minneapolis, MN
130.Harbor Springs, MI
131.Los Angeles, CA
132.Houston, TX
133.New York, NY
134.Houston, TX
135.Seattle, WA
136.Corning, NY
137.Philadelphia, PA
138.Chicago, IL
139.Houston, TX
140.Los Angeles, CA
141.New York, NY
142.Boston, MA
143.New York, NY*
144.San Francisco, CA
145.Chicago, IL
146.New York, NY
147.Chicago, IL
148.Denver, CO
149.New Haven, CT
150.Austin, TX

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