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A drunken, drug-addled tramp
Ooh and thats a bad miss
often left with difficult tasks bmx bandit is often over shadowed by the angel summoners power to summon a angel
A series of parodies of some already heavily over-advertised foodstuffs
runs a range of attractions which are all unsafe
An old fashioned black and white broadcast, in which characters talk about the wonders of the new medium of television
Mitchell plays a rude, mean, condescending man who takes a variety of different jobs
In a parody of film and TV genres, two script writers, John Gibson (Webb) and Andrew Turner (Mitchell), can never be bothered to be original for their next project
A couple, played by Mitchell and Webb, discussing who to invite to their next party. The list usually comprises either historical figures or fictional characters
A pair of heroes clad in pink jumpsuits who claim they can rescue any pet in peril
A debate show in the same vein as Question Time
A car boot seller (Webb), amongst the normal tat, has unique items, such as the Holy Grail and the Wardrobe from the Chronicles of Narnia books, at ridiculously low prices.
Hennimore (Webb) being given an important task by his boss (Mitchell) which always ends in disaster due to Hennimore's often understandable confusion as the items and rooms he must
A post-apocalyptic television game show transmitted by the British Emergency Broadcasting System
The maths quiz that simply everybodys talking about
Webb and Mitchell are co-workers in the same office, who have different jobs which tend to involve extraordinary plots.

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