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Can you name the can you name that mitchell and webb look sketches?

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A post-apocalyptic television game show transmitted by the British Emergency Broadcasting System
A pair of heroes clad in pink jumpsuits who claim they can rescue any pet in peril
a rude, mean, condescending man who takes a variety of different jobs
A drunken, drug-addled tramp
Hennimore being given an important task by his boss which always ends in disaster due to Hennimore's
A series of parodies of some already heavily over-advertised foodstuffs
The maths quiz that simply everyones talking about!
A debate show in the same vein as Question Time
An old fashioned black and white broadcast
co-workers in the same office, who have different jobs which tend to involve extraordinary plots
A couple, discussing who to invite to their next party
runs a range of attractions which are all unsafe
A car boot seller , amongst the normal tat, has unique items, such as the Holy Grail and the Wardrobe from the Chronicles of Narnia books
Ooh and thats a bad miss
can never be bothered to be original for their next project. Instead, they pick a genre, take its signature aspects, and put them together, to create something that is clearly a ch

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