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Large, fast carnivore
Armored herbivore with a club tail
Sauropod; Long neck; also called Brontosaurus
Bird-like raptor
Sauropod; Very large with a long neck
Horned carnivore
Large raptor
Carnivore with crested head;Theropod (Alligator Skull)
Sauropod; long horizontal neck with a very long tail
Small, fast, ostrich-like
Large Cerapod; named after its resemblance to a lizard
Small, Turkey-like; may have been covered in feathers
Large, duck-billed hadrosaur; horn located behind skull
Very large carnivore; long spinal sail; Theropod
Plated herbivore; sharp, horned tail
Small; horned, dome-shaped skull
Consists of many horns on the head; rhino-like
Large; shielded,Three-horned skull
Large carnivore; 'Tyrant'; famous
Very large raptor; named after the State that it was discovered in.
Smaller raptor; agile; very fast

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