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Can you name the facts about hurricanes?

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equivalent energy of a hurricane in number of atomic bombs per second
first hurricane this year will be named...
scale that measures hurricane strength
most frequently used hurricane name
one of the world regions with most frequent tropical cyclones
first boy's name used to name a hurricane
hurrican on this planet has been continuing for 300yrs
min. wind speed to classify as a hurricane
zone of hurricane with lowest pressure
average # of hurricans in caribbean region each year
name for hurricanes in pacific ocean
hurricane season for s. hemisphere
force necessary to establish hurrican vortex
the deadliest hurrican to hit the US occured here
ocean temperature for cyclone development
word hurricane comes from native american word meaning this
the other world region with most frequent tropical cyclones
hurrican season for n. hemisphere
Austrailian meterologist who first named hurricanes
min. windspeed for a category 5 hurricane

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