2000's Oscar Winning Movies by Another Name

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ClueActual TitleNoted Win
The Sightless PositionLeading Actress
NovicesSupporting Actor
The Ocean WithinForeign Film
The Convivial ComplexAdapted Screenplay
The SuccessorsAdapted Screenplay
Paranormal StreamLeading Actor
A Cumbersome FactDocumentary
Frigid HillSupporting Actress
The Sovereign's VerbalizationPicture
Bewitching Hour in France's CapitalOriginal Screenplay
ClueActual TitleNoted Win
The Chopper ChroniclesSong
Practically Well-KnownScreenplay
An Alluring BrainPicture
The Mist of BattleDocumentary
Disoriented in DecodingOriginal Screenplay
The Ceaseless HorticulturistSupporting Actress
Rush & StreamSong
The Nebulous NoblemanSupporting Actor
Bloke on CableDocumentary
Highway to DamntationCinematography

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