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Carthaginian terror of Rome248 - 183 BC
Recaptured Jerusalem from crusaders1138 - 1193
German known as the Desert Fox1891 - 1944
Byzantine who reconquered the West500 - 565
Commanded Confederate Army of Northern Virginia1807 – 1870
Supreme Commander of the Allied forces in Europe1890 - 1969
Mongol founder of great empire1162 - 1227
Roman conqueror of Gaul100 - 44 BC
Wrote famous treatise on war544 - 496 BC
Macedonian conqueror of Persia356 - 323 BC
Defeated royalists in the English Civil War1599 - 1658
French Emperor, fought in a series of wars1769 - 1821
King, established Prussia as European power1712 - 1786
Innovative Swedish king1594 - 1632
Created the Persian Empire590 - 530 BC
Seven time Consul of Rome, defeated Germans, reformed the Roman legion157 - 86 BC

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