Great Conquerors

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Can you name the these famous conquerors based upon what they did??

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Greatest accomplishmentName of ConquerorLived
Conquered Gaul100 - 44 BC
Defeated and conquered Persian Empire356 – 323 BC
Conquered Britain10 BC – 54 AD
Claimed the throne of Englandcirca 1027 - 1087
Conquered parts of Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europecirca 1162 – 1227
Defeated and conquered Aztec Empire1485 – 1547
Unified China259 – 210 BC
Defeated crusaders and captured Syria, Palestine, and Jerusalemcirca 1138 - 1193
Conquered Ireland1130 – 1176
Sacked Romecirca 370 - 410
Established powerful European empire with satellite states 1769 – 1821

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