Conan O'Brien Hates My Homeland: A - C

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Can you name the countries Conan is insulting (letters A - C)?

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Conan's PunchlineCountry
Hey, call me when your life expectancy catches up with your inflation rate.
The bad news is, there's a new article about everyone farming opium. The good news is, you can't read.
All that coffee in a country with no reason to wake up.
With massive overpopulation threatening the globe, [country citizens] maintain a population of less than 35 million. How do they do it? Zero sex appeal.
If there was ever an argument for the death penalty, it's chicken smuggling.
Get your camera; they're paving a road!
Home to more than 800 species of unregulated breast implants.
Clay, sand, and chalk: your richest natural resources are what a toddler throws up after a big day at preschool.
The good news is, it's finally legal to get a divorce. The bad news is, who gets the active volcano and who gets the 55,000 square miles of lifeless desert.
Thanks for giving us a place to dump our potheads.
Congratulations for your candidacy for the EU. Imagine if that comes through, it could employ two, maybe three people.
Where 'high-tech' means you've got a radio on your homemade raft.
How does it feel, being Luxembourg's b****?
If you're gonna be in prison, it might as well be for no reason.
The country that explains why Kafka never wrote a happy story.
Diamonds are forever; too bad your people check out at 35.
On a list of the world's purchasing power, you're ranked 222. Did I mention there are only 190 countries?
There simply isn't a more beautiful sail by on your way to Jamaica.
So what if you misplaced a little weapons-grade uranium? The important thing is keeping track of all those hand-made doileys and goat hair rugs.
Millions visit your island refuel their planes.
Conan's PunchlineCountry
So they took away your freedom of the press? Who needs it when your only headline is '[Country] Continues to Suck?'
Believe it or not, you can use oil for more than just killing seals.
The only European country to never successfully invade Belgium.
It takes a lot of rum to forget your major export is crawfish.
How many temples does it take before you guys realize God isn't listening?
You'll come for the enticing beauty of the Caribbean Sea. You'll stay because you've been kidnapped and locked in the trunk of a dodge dart.
So bad, the gorillas learn sign language for 'poach me.'
Good news: Ustad Ali Khan is headlining the Locust Plague Festival
If you can hear this, your television isn't underwater. Congratulations!
Cocoa, sugar, and mass killings. Are you a country or a Willy Wonka nightmare?
In the traditional tribal language, that [first word of country name] for 'land of' and [second part of country name] for 'people who want to get the hell out of [country name].'
Keep practicing those voodoo spells and maybe someday, you'll be as rich as Rwanda.
A thriving center of trade and culture...until 2000 BC.
Where the Mediterranean climate makes it a joy to spend each day mining asbestos.
Nothing spells a bright future like signing your peace accord in Dayton, Ohio.
The perfect getaway for people who love Kosovo, but hate the working phone service.
Not to be mistaken for the macaroon, a small chewy cookie...with a longer life expectancy.
Remember kids, you must be at least nine years old to overthrow the government.
It took you eight years to beat France.

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