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Can you name the simpsons characters who said these quotes?

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Uh, no, you got the wrong number. This is 9-1…2.
Ha ha!
Hi everybody!
This is the greatest case of false advertising I’ve seen since I sued the movie “The Never Ending Story.”
Thank you, come again!
Me fail English? That’s unpossible.
Hi, I'm looking for Uh, Homer Sexual?
You rotten little punk! If I ever get a hold of you, I'll sink my teeth into your cheek and rip your face off!
Hi I'm actor _________. You might remember me from such films as ''P' is for Psycho' and 'The President's Neck is Missing'.
But my mom thinks I'm cool!
Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily
Ay, ay, ay, no es bueno!
You should all do what I say. My I.Q. is 199 for crying out flayven.

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