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The Wrestler climbs the turnbuckle, faces away from the opponent and performs a backflip.
The wrestler comes from behind his opponent and locks his arms behind the head stretching his opponents arms and neck.
Wrestler lifts opponent by the neck and throws him to the mat.
Wrestler drives the opponents head into the canvas between his legs.
Wrestler charges into his opponent's torso.
Wrestler dives between the ropes to the opponent on the outside.
Wrestler wraps his legs around his opponents neck then flings him to the canvas.
Opponent is lifted vertically with his feet in the air then falls to the canvas back first.
Wrestler uses his opponents momentum to slam him back first into the mat.
Opponent is lifted to the shoulders then slammed down back first.
Opponent is kicked repeatedly when he is sitting in the corner.
Wrestler squeezes the opponent.
Wrestler drives the opponents head into the mat under his arm.
Wrestler covers his opponent in an attempt to get the win.
Wrestler rams the opponents spine into his knee.
Wrestler sits on his opponents back and pulls back his arms.
Wrestler performs a jumping kick with both legs.
Wrestler spits green liquid in his opponents face.
Wrestler drops to the mat while holding his opponents neck.
Wrestler does a front flip onto his opponent from the turnbuckle.

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