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I work in a cereal factory.
Does this look normal to you?
I'm not supposed to drink, but I do.
I cannot live with that guy, he is so annoying, he is so frightening and, he doesn't wear a shirt.
Hey Sheila, you would not believe what I think I did today
Look around, notice anything, awry?
The Lord does not need to know that I am here!
Yes, I would like nothing better.
Typical, filthy humans! You have no respect for us trees!
I have to go over there with Carl and spank him
He floated it by himself!
Be a champ, go all the way.
Now spin it into gold man!
You know, let me get back to you, I've got some sub-humans here.
Well Hallelujah! How are you guys?
When he comes out here, hit him with the egg
Point is, we're at the center, not you.
I wish Superman was here. I'd say 'Hey Superman, you mow the lawn while you here?'
I'm gonna take a bus to Reno!
Tilt your head back, Carl!

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