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Example:(Left) Make an incision. (Right) Allow to happen.Answer: CUT + LET = CUTLET (You would need to type CUTLET).
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Motor vehicle.1000kg or 2000lb.
Armed conflict.Hideout.
Insect from a hill.Stitched border.
Pick a card, ___ card.The loneliest number.
Honey maker.Pay-___-view.
Soda container.Accomplished.
Used to be.Not him.
Corn on the ___.___+Ctrl+Delete.
Used for listening.Not quite blooming.
Drill insert.Number of bowling pins.
Darker light switch option.The rocks in scotch.
Pay___, eBay partner.1 or 11 in a deck of cards.
Basketball judge.Under the weather.
Canine equivalent of feline kit.Cat, dog or goldfish.

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