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Named by Antonio Jose de Sucre in honour of the South American freedom fighter.
Derived from the Arawak-speaking Taino's name for the region, which was adopted by the first European settlers at the colony of Marshall's Creek.
Derived from the name of a local ruler who lived in Panama, which was the southernmost lands Europeans had explored, so they called all lands further south the same name.
From the Guarani language, meaning place of many rivers/lakes.
Officially, the name comes from ____wood, a tree sailors traded to Europe, coming originally from the Latin for 'ember', used to describe the red colour of the wood.
Usually taken to be named after a city in Italy, it may come from the similar name for the native people.
Taken from the name of a famous Genoese explorer, the name was first used in reference to all the Americas by Francisco de Miranda.
Comes from the Latin for 'silver', and first used in a 1602 poem by Martin del Barco Centenera.
Derived from the Tainone word for the larger region meaning either 'land of fast-flowing water', 'respectable', or 'the land of many waters'.
The name of a local river, which comes from the Guarani language, meaning 'river where the painted birds live'.
From the Spanish for the line marking the division between the Northern and Southern hemispheres, which the country straddles.
Popularised by conquistador Diego de Almagro, the origin may come from a corruption of the name of a local tribal chief; or from several other sources.

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