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DescriptionEpisode Title (TO...)
Phoebe tries to convince Ursula's fiance that she has been lying to him
Rachel breaks Joey's chair
Julia Roberts, Brooke Shields, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Chris Isaak, Fred Willard, and Dan Castellaneta all guest-star
Ross tries to get Ben to learn about Chanukah
Monica and Joey find Janice kissing her ex-husband
Joey finds keys in the coffeehouse and pretends they're his
Rachel and Monica get evicted and Joey comes to the rescue
Joey drives cross-country for an acting gig
Phoebe and Rachel think Chandler is having an affair
Monica regretably toasts her parents at their 35th wedding anniversary
DescriptionEpisode Title (TO...)
The duck swallows Ross's wedding ring
Monica and Rachel take a self defense class
Phoebe's bachelorette party does not go as planned, for anyone
Ross spies Chandler an Monica accross the street
Charlie Sheen plays Phoebe's old lover who resurfaces after a 3 year submarine journey
Chandler and Monica look for someone to make a good father for their baby
Joey and Chandler fight over a dutch girl
The guys go to a hockey game, and Ross gets hit in the face with the puck
Rachel babysits Marcel, and finds out that Mindy and Barry are engaged
Ross gets Emma to laugh

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