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1972-Battle Royal in Los AngelosOther Battle Royal Participants
1973-NWA World Title MatchDory Funk Jr.
1974-NWA World Title MatchDory Funk Jr.
1975-WWWF Title MatchSpiros Arion
1976-WWWF Title Grudge MatchStan Hansen
1977-WWWF Title MatchBruno Sammartino
1978-WWWF Title Match'Superstar' Billy Graham
1979-NWA World Title MatchHarley Race
1980-Showdown At Shea-Steel Cage MatchLarry Zbyszko
1981-Grudge MatchKiller Kahn
1982-WWF Title Match-Steel CageJimmy Snuka
1983-NWA World Title MatchRic Flair
1984-NWA World Title Match-Parade of Champions 1Ric Flair
1985-WrestleMania 1-Tag Team MatchRoddy Piper and Paul Orndorff
1986 Great American Bash-NWA World TitleRic Flair
1987-WrestleMania 3-Intercontinental TitleRandy Savage
1988-The Main Event-WWF Title MatchHulk Hogan
1989-WrestleWar-NWA World Title MatchRicky Steamboat
1990-Wrestlemania 6-WWF Title/Intercontinental TitleHulk Hogan
1991-SuperBrawl-WCW World Tag Team TitlesSting and Lex Luger
1992-Summerslam-Intercontinental TitleBret Hart
1993-Monday Night Raw-Intercontinental TitleShawn Michaels
1994-WrestleMania X-Intercontinental Title-Ladder MatchShawn Michaels
1995-WrestleMania XI- WWF Title MatchShawn Michaels
1996-WrestleMania XII- WWF Title-Iron Man MatchBret Hart
1997-WrestleMania XIII- I Quit MatchSteve Austin
1998-King of the Ring- Hell In A Cell MatchMankind
1999-Royal Rumble-WWF Title- I Quit MatchMankind
2000-WrestleMania-Triangle Ladder Match-WWF Tag Team TitlesHardy Boyz vs. Dudley Boyz
2001-WrestleMania 17- TLC Match- WWF Tag Team TitlesHardy Boyz vs. Dudley Boyz
2002- WrestleMania X8-Singles Match'Hollywood' Hulk Hogan
2003-Smackdown-WWE Title-Iron Man MatchKurt Angle
2004-WrestleMania XX - World Title 3-Way MatchTriple H vs. Shawn Michaels
2005- WrestleMania 21 - Single MatchShawn Michaels
2006- WrestleMania 22- No Holds Barred MatchVince McMahon
2007-April 23- RawJohn Cena
2008-WrestleMania XXIV- Career Threatening MatchRic Flair

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