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____ methodologies should be further developed to allow ____-____ monitoring and control3 words
____ reagents are superior to ____ reagents2 words
The use of ____ substances should be avoided, and they should be ____ when used2 words
Chemical products should be designed to preserve ____ of function while reducing ____2 words
It is better to ____ ____ than to clean up ____ after it is formed.3 words
____ methods should be designed to maximize the incorporation of materials used into the ____ ____3 words
Unnecessary ____ should be ____ whenever possible2 words
Chemical products should be designed so that they are ____ and do not persist in the ____2 words
Substances used in processes should be chosen to minimize potential ____1 word
____ requirements should be minimized. Reactions should be performed at ____ ____3 words
Feedstocks should be ____ rather than ____ wherever possible2 words
Wherever practicable, methods should be designed to generate products with little or no ____1 word

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