NBA's Fifty Greatest Players

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Can you name the NBA's Fifty Greatest Players?

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 Bucks, Lakers
 Royals, Nets, Celtics, Bucks
 Philadelphia Warriors
 76ers, Suns, Rockets
 Warriors, Rockets
 Pistons, Bullets, Celtics
 Warriors, 76ers, Lakers
 Celtics, Bucks
 Pistons, Knicks
 Blazers, Rockets
 Knicks, Sonics, Magic
 Knicks, Cavs
 Spurs, Bulls
 Rockets. Bullets
 Bulls, Wizards
 Royals, Warriors, Knicks
 Jazz, Lakers
 Braves, Rockets, 76ers,Bullets, Hawks, Spurs
 Hawks, Jazz, Celtics
 Bullets, Knicks
 Magic, Lakers, Heat, Suns, Cavs
 Rockets, Raptors
 Warriors, Celtics, Hornets, Bulls
 Bulls, Rockets, Blazers
 Royals, Bucks
 Warriors, Bulls, Cavs
 Blazers, Clippers, Celtics
 Hawks, Sonics, Cavs, Blazers

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