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What insturment does Amy often play?
Who was Amys friend in high school?
When Sheldon invites Amy for a beverage what does she ask for?
What is the nickname that the group has given Amy and Sheldon?
What is Amy's profession?
What is the name of Amy's electric toothbrush?
Who was the only person to sign Amy's yearbook in high school?
What document does Sheldon insist Amy sign if she would like to be his girlfriend?
Amy often refers to Penny as her?
What rumor do Amy and Sheldon spread as a social experiment?
Who did Amy's Mom pay to take her to the prom?
Who does Amy go on a date with to the movies?
All of Amy clothes were handed down from?
How did Amy and Sheldon meet?
What did she teach the monkey to do?
What is the name of Amy's secret language she invented?
Amy looked up online that a popular slumber party activity is 'harmless experiments with.....'?
What is the name of the monkey Amy keeps in her apartment?
What is the name of the actress the portrays Amy?
According to the deal with her mother, how many dates must Amy go on in a year?

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