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Converting light energy from the sun into carbohydrates
Group of closely related organisms capable of interbreeding
Cell reproduction in non-sex cells
Maintaining stable internal conditions
Organelle responsible for cellular respiration (powerhouse of the cell)
The structure of DNA is known as a...
The age of the Earth... numerical only (billions of years)
Undesired change in air, water, or soil that adversely affects the health, survival, or activities of living organisms
Certain proteins that act as catalysts to living things (speed up reactions)
Organisms with membrane-bound organelles
Uncontrolled cell division
Developed the theory of evolution by natural selection
Cells responsible for carrying oxygen all over the body
Breaking down sugar without oxygen (hint* beer and bread)
Austrian monk known as the father of genetics
Organelle that propels single-celled organisms like a tiny motor
The movement of water from a high to a low concentration across a membrane
The main form of chemical energy in a cell
A scientist who studies plants is known as a...
The two scientists who discovered the structure of DNA...
No energy is required to move substances through a cell membrane

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