Parodies of that Cee-Lo Green Song

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Can you name the phrases that rhyme with the title of that Cee-Lo Green song?

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I See You...Title
Drinking an extreme soda through a straw, you always
Basing a decision on Schwab's record, you think that
Making up a sequel to a Suvari movie, call it
Getting rid of that boy from Twain's great work, you're sayin'
Using that wildebeest to bring you fortune, he's your
Buying from Payless at $2 a pair, 'cause it's a
Criticizing Cameron in Ferris Bueller, you say that
Drinking up the beer that's skunky too, and it's a
I See You...Title
Making thick soup with my mallard friends and it's a
Removing words from the script I wrote, now they're all
Playing that hockey with azure equipment, we'll call it
Bringing in contraband snuff to use, you really
Guessing about the Friar in Robin Hood, you got a
Driving a semi that's falling apart, you need some
Defending the farmyard from chicken revolt, it's like a

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