#1 Movie For 5+ Weeks (1980-1989)

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Can you name the movies that were #1 for 5+ weeks (1980-1989)?

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1979Dustin Hoffman
1980Mark Hamill
1980Goldie Hawn
1980Gene Wilder
1981Paul Newman
1981Harrison Ford
1981Katharine Hepburn
1982Dee Wallace
1982Richard Gere
1982Dustin Hoffman
1983Mark Hamill
1983Tom Cruise
1983Shirley MacLaine
1984Bill Murray
1984Clint Eastwood
1984Eddie Murphy
1985Harrison Ford
1985Michael J. Fox
1985Sylvester Stallone
1986Paul Hogan
1986J.L. Reate
1986Keith David
1987Michael Douglas
1987Robin Williams
1988Dustin Hoffman
1989Steve Martin
1989John Travolta

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