Non-metal and Metalloid Allotropes

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Can you name the generally accepted allotropes of non-metals and metalloids?

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BoronBrown powder
BoronBlack solid
CarbonSoft, black solid
CarbonExtremely hard crystal (gemstone)
CarbonFirst form discovered is C60
CarbonHardest substance known
CarbonSoot or coal
OxygenColorless gas, ~21% composition of air
OxygenPoisonous gas, protects against UV rays
OxygenMetastable molecule
OxygenRed solid at very low temperatures
SiliconBrown powder
SiliconMetallic luster
PhosphorusDangerously flammable
PhosphorusMost common form
PhosphorusDeveloped by Johann Wilhelm Hittorf
PhosphorusExists at extremely high pressures
PhosphorusGas that exists only under extreme conditions
SulfurMost common 'ring' form of sulfur
SulfurNeedle-like crystals
ArsenicMost common form, metalloid
ArsenicSoft, waxy nonmetal
SeleniumInsoluble powder
SeleniumConductive, trigonal, sensitive to light
SeleniumVitreous form, beads
AntimonyStable metalloid

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