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A diving position where the body is bent at the hips with the legs straight and the toes pointed.
The ideal entry when a diver hits the water without making a splash. It is named after the ripping sound as the diver enters the water.
The height a diver achieves from a take-off.
Steps a diver takes to the end of a springboard or platform before take-off.
This should be vertical – it is the end of a dive when the diver goes into the water and hopefully creates no splash.
A platform dive that begins from the hands.
A fixed diving board, at least 6m long and 3m wide. In Olympic competition, it’s 10m above the water.
A flexible diving board, at least 4.8m long and 50cm wide.
A diving position in which the diver curls up into a ball, holding the shins towards the body.

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