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Can you name the onomatopoeia words for every letter of the alphabet from the clues below?

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BSometimes used to represent explosion
CPopular Nestlé candy bar
DSound made by bell
EFemale scream upon seeing rodent
FWhen you pour soda into a cup
GWhat your stomach does when you're hungry
HWhat you do at the bad driver in front of you
ISound made when you scratch an ____
JWhen keys hit against each other
K'_____ _____! Who's there?'
L6th tone of diatonic scale, following 'So(l)'
MSound that a cat makes
NSound made by excited horse
OWhat you say when you hurt yourself
PSound made when balloon bursts
QSound that a duck makes
RSound of distant thunder
SImpolite way to drink through straw
TWhen an archer shoots his bow
UGrunting sound made after falling
VSound made by racecar engine
WSound made when hitting your palm against table
YUsed to express fear or surprise
ZSometimes used to represent firing of laser

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