Water and Sodium Disorders

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Thrist is stimulated when serum osmolarity rises above _______ mOsm/kg
This type of hypotonic hyponatremia is a result of SIADH (syndrome of inappropriate secretion of ADH), or hypothyroidism
Ingestion of hypertonic NaCl or sodium bicarbonate can lead to this:
_______ is suppressed in conditions of hypotonicity, causing a dilute urine
This type of hypotonic hyponatremia is a result of contracted ECF volume from diarrhea, vomiting, etc
In hypernatremia correct ___% of the water deficit in the first 12-24 hours
This type of hypotonic hyponatremia is a result of chronic congestive heart failure, portal hypertension or nephrotic syndrome
The most common cause of acute hyponatremia is
Rapid correction of chronic hyponatremia may casue
This condition is usually the result of severe hyperglycemia, which causes a dillutional effect by shifting water out of the ICF
An elderly patient with diminished mental status has an infection. What is their likely sodium status?
A condition that reflects the inability of the kidneys to handle the excretion of free water to match oral intake
Hypoosmolarity is a serum osmolarity of less than:mOsm/kg
Hypernatremia is defined as plasma sodium above:
CNS effects in hypernatremia are due to:
Acute hyponatremia can cause death from the effects of
Polyuria is defined as an output of > ____ L/day
Decreased ADH production due to a primary increase in water intake in psychogenic (primary) polydipsia induces
Where does demyelination occur in osmotic demyelination?
What is the treatment for psychogenic (primary) polydipsia?Manage psychiatric disorder and avoid drugs that cause dry mouth
In diabetes insipidus this is the additional symptom in hypernatremia
What is the mechanism for hypernatremia in diabetes insipidus?
_______ secretion is stimulated in conditions of volume depletion or hypertonicity, causing water to be reabsorbed and a concentrated urine to be excreted
What is the treatment for nephrogenic DI?
Condition where renal tubules do not respond normally to ADH
THis provides the ultimate protection against hypernatremia
What is the treatment for central DI?nasal spray
Loss of potassium from EFC causes movement of potassium___ of the ICF
Hyponatremia is a plasma sodium concentration of less than
Do not increase plasma sodium concentration more than _____ mEq/L/day

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