Classic operas according to who dies

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Can you name the classic operas according to who dies in them?

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A wheelchair-bound old man tossed overboard from a cruise liner
A socialite shoots his best friend in a duel
One child, but also post-mortem appearances by two pre-deceased servants
An expert marksman is taken by the Devil
A tuberculosis sufferer bereaves a poet
Two noblemen kill each other, but several scenes apart
A staunchly loyal nobleman and a bunch of unnamed heretics
A dragon, a monarch, a black dude and three unnamed women
A commander, a king, an enslaved princess and a whole bunch of Ethiopians
A damsel mistaken for a duke
A preacher and a striptease dancer
The Prince of Persia and a serving girl
A farm animal and a female member of a minority population of no fixed address
A king or a duke, depending on whom you ask
The bastard son of a god and the man who married his sister

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