X-Men Splinter Teams

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New Mutants (Original)
New Mutants Recruits
New Mutants Other members (honorary, reserve, allies, infiltrators)
Fallen Angels (New Mutants splinter team)
X-Force (Original)
X-Force Recruits
X-Force Allies
X-Terminators (X-Factor's Wards/Trainee Team)
X-Factor (Federal Team)
X-Factor Investigations
X-Factor Investigations Allies
Excalibur (Original)
Excalibur Recruits
Excalibur Allies
Excalibur: Sword of Power
Genoshan Excalibur
New Excalibur
New Excalibur Allies
Generation X
Wards of Generation X
X-Corporation: Hong Kong branch
X-Corporation: Los Angeles branch
X-Corporation: Mumbai branch
X-Corporation: Paris branch
X-Corporation: Singapore branch
X-Corporation: Other Members
New X-Men
Young X-Men
Omega Gang
Special Class (Kuan-Yin Xorn's class)
New Mutants (Dani Moonstar's squad)
Hellions (Emma Frost's squad)
Corsairs (Cyclops's squad)
Advocates (Rogue's squad)
Paragons (Wolfsbane's/Karma's/Magma's squad)
Alpha Squadron (Northstar's/Karma's squad)
Chevaliers (Gambit's squad)
Paladins (Kitty Pryde's squad)
Lower School
Students with no squad known
Students with no squad known (Continued)

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