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1978Kevin Kovak (AK)
1978Student (AK)
1983Razzle (F)
1984Kevin (ZS)
1986Himself (F)
1986Themselves (RHCP)
1988Himself (F)
1987Milo (F)
1987Musician #3 (AK) Musician #1 (F) Musician #4 (JI)
1987Jester The Alien (F)
1987Karl (ZS)
1987Huey (ZS)
1988Floyd (F)
1988Heavy Metal Fan (ZS)
1989Needles (F)
1990Douglas J. Needles (F)
1991Busboy (F)
1991Tone (AK)
1991Budd (F)
1992Too Free Stooges (F)
1993Tattoo Artist (F)
1994Will (AK) Dale (F)
1994Drug Kid (DN) Catatonic Man (ZS)
1997Kidnapper #3 (DN)
1998Nihilist #2, Kieffer (F)
1998Musician (F)
1998Bob Summerfield (F)
1998Himself (F)
1999Himself (AK)
1999Freddie (F)
1999Himself (F) Himself (DN)
2000Silent (F)
2000Guy #1 (ZS)
2002Himself (F)
2002Donnie (Voice) (F)
2003Donnie (Voice) (F)
2003Himself (AK) Himself (JF)
2003Himself (AK)
2003Rock Star (DN)
2005Himself (F)
2006Himself (F) Himself (ZS)
2006Himself (AK) Himself (F) Himself (JF)
2006Himself (CS)
2007Himself (AK) Himself (F)
2007Himself (AK)
2007Himself (ZS)
2008Themselves (RHCP)
2008Himself (F)
2009Himself (F)
2009Himself (JF)
2009David (ZS)
2009Doctor (ZS)
2010Himself (F)
2010Himself (F)
2010Himself (DN)
2011Himself (AK) Himself (F) Himself (JF) Himself (ZS)
2011Himself (AK)
2011Himself (AK)
2011Himself (JI)

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