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Can you name the films in which a father rescues his son or daughter from danger?

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Father & Daughter/SonFilmYear
George C. Scott & Ilah Davis1979
Arnold Schwarzenegger & Alyssa Milano1985
Danny Glover & Traci Wolfe1987
Bruce Willis & Danielle Harris1991
Nick Nolte & Juliette Lewis1991
Arnold Schwarzenegger & Eliza Dushku1994
Jean Claude van Damme & Whittni Wright1995
Bill Pullman & Mae Whitman1996
Mel Gibson & Brawley Nolte1996
Harrison Ford & Liesel Matthews1997
Jeff Goldblum & Vanessa Lee Chester1997
Tommy Lee Jones & Gaby Hoffmann1997
Bruce Willis & Liv Tyler1998
John Travolta & Matthew O'Leary2001
Father & Daughter/SonFilmYear
Albert Brooks & Alexander Gould2003
Tom Cruise & Dakota Fanning2005
Harrison Ford & Carly Schroeder2006
Bruce Willis & Mary Elizabeth Winstead2007
Liam Neeson & Maggie Grace2008
John Cusack & Morgan Lily2009
Viggo Mortensen & Kodi Smit-Phee2009
Nicolas Cage & Chloe Grace Moretz2010
Nicolas Cage & Sami Gayle2012
Aaron Eckhart & Liana Liberato2012
Channing Tatum & Joey King2013
Kevin Costner & Hailee Steinfeld2013
Jason Patric & Gia Mantegna2014
Ice Cube & Amber Stevens2014

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