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This quiz includes characters from all three Animal Crossing games.
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Character DescriptionCharacter
Angry Mole
Drives a Cab, Bus and Boat
Helps with constellations
Black Market
Offers words of wisdom
Young Lost Kitten
Shoe-Shining Skunk
Hosts the Fishing Tourney
Not-so-Angry Mole
Owns 'The Roost'
Seagull, owns the Porpoise
Appears on Halloween
Sells Turnips
Post-Office, Night Shift
Appears on Easter
Shop Owner's Nephew
Shy Hedgehog
Provides music
Character DescriptionCharacter
Appears on Christmas Eve
Runs Shampoodle
Hosts the Bug-Off
Town Fountain
Shop Owner
Zany lizard
Hedgehog of GracieGrace
Sells Carpets
Post-Office: Day Shift
Appears on Thanksgiving
Guard Dog
Los Festivales
Lost and Found Service
Shop Owner's Nephew
Social Hedgehog
Travelling Cat
Balloon Salesman
Museum Curator
Sells patterns/wallpaper

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