Models of Lamborghini in Ascending Order

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1964-1969Ferrucio's response to Ferrari
1966-19682+2 version of the first car
1966-1974Considered to be one of the best bodystyles ever. Paved the way for more modern designs such as DeTomaso, Maserati, and even Ferrari itself! Now they run over $650,000 but at the time they cost less than $50,000
1968-1978Lamborghini's response to the sedan. Twin to the Italian counterpart, DeTomaso, with their Mangusta
1968-1970The first mini-cabin, Maserati looking Lambo
1970-1978Looks like a 365 GTB-4
1970-1979Looks like a DeTomaso Pantera
1974-1990Probably the first recognizable Lambo. It set the pace for a true racing machine; breaking speeds of over 195 MPH, it was revolutionary.
1976-1977Looks like Lambo went back into the 60's
1982-1990What good comes out of Chrysler?
1986-1992Picture a mix between a Hummer and a Porsche Cayenne Turbo S... ON STEROIDS
1990-2001Looking back at the 1974-1990 design, this is complete replica, with some minor detailing. Interestingly enough, this model spanned through the influence of Chrysler and Audi. Good job Marcello.
2001-Present (The LP 670-4 SV is the last of the models)If you can't get this...
2003-PresentThe baby Lambo
2008A combination of the batmobile, an F-15 Raptor, and a carpet-like interior.

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